Harper Gauntlet: Guide


Can someone post a screenshot of the last step? Can a faction character help or it is a character in the game?



The set up changes everytime you reenter the level. You are assigned Harper as your faction support.



Wonder if a defensive leader is better Than an offensive one for this road map



Failed a couple times on the Camilla roadmap, it’s not something you can auto through. I had to adjust my regular raid team and add Douglas for his heal, stun heal, and guardian.



I am a casual spender, in diamond league, and I failed once in Harper map.
It is doable, but one misstep could trigger failure.
You really need to think about each move and load up AR before going into next wave.



Can you told us with which team did you complete the road map



Game kinda wants me to get Harper. Just pulled Glenn from war tokens, and hopefully I get Camilla from pulls so I don’t have to run Harper roadmap.

Edit: Lmfao, just got Camilla from 20 pull, so I can get Harper from just 10 more pulls.

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Wow congrats. I still need glenn and Chris and only have 2400 coins left so think I’ll just save my coins as i don’t see getting both in 1 10 pull being very likely lol.



Wow that’s great luck!

I got all 4 after doing the Harper roadmap and forgot I still need 50 more bottles for Harper, ugh. Alpha is max 6* but my other 3 are almost max 5* and I don’t have enough gold medals to ascend all at the moment, feeling really irritated right now.



So what do we think happens if like you, a person can’t max all the toons in 10.5 days ( left @ time of this post) because of uncontrollable obstacles, i.e the gear and ascend medals scarcity?

This is why I haven’t even participated in this…I WANT TO, but the lack of information follow-up makes me not want to start spending on something I may not be able to complete due to my gear shortage.



Due to the lack of medals to ascend…this event wasn’t really fully thought thru.

I would have bought the hershel deal just for the medals…but my main account is too far advanced to receive the offer according to customer support.



I mean you’ll either get Harper or you won’t. There isn’t really any lack of information except from the extra gear you might get from the repeating roadmaps. (Which is slightly predictable since we got T4 fast gear from Camilla, you’ll probably get T4 strong gear from Alpha/Chris roadmap) Aside from that, you can pretty much gauge if you’ll have the resources to max them out.



I agree. Scopely shortsightedness shows once again… while I think this is a great design to get people to spend, while easing up on some of the PAIN we usually feeling from pulling/ spending too not get what you were trying for. This gives you an end in sight option…

But then they turn a very decent event into a fail for many because of their shortsightedness of starving us of the necessaries to level and use our toons (gear and medals) for so long. Then place requirements of needing to max 4 toons (I need all 4) with I guess the invisible to me gear we all must have in a gear retirement fund somewhere on scopely servers lol.

I could maybe do it if the requirement was to have them max 5*, but I don’t have all the 6* required gear to complete this (my goal would be to get Harper of course).



But the roadmaps give out the gear u need.



Look again…only 1 map gives a canteen and GPS. Harper map.

Cant T4 multiple toons with one set unless you purchase them for 18k+ league tokens a piece, or buy their ridiculously over priced and mismatched offers.

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So your post is saying there is no lack of information, but then you go on to mention all the lack of information that would stop one from finishing this and claiming Harper?

Ok fine I will hop right ahead and start spending with the guesses and hopes of the proper gear and other roadmaps to come! :thinking::wink:

P.S. if this is the case… why can’t anyone from scopely at the very least simply list the plans of next roadmaps stating there gear trait if it is to be included? They are selling a product, they want me to buy. Why must I be kept in the dark and guessing

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Please point us to where they guaranteed the gear from the next roadmaps?

What if they add watches and radios, world cans something else, etc…for the stage completions? That’s the info I am looking for.

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Oh yea I meant there isn’t any additional lack of information, in regards to resources, aside from what I mentioned, but even then this isn’t the same situation as say, Michelle’s masks during her events.

For ascendance medals, looks like you’re all out of luck, but the gear you need is purchasable from league store and should get more from refreshing map.

I think people seem to be getting the idea that an event is supposed to have all the resources needed. For this event its just one of those events where you either have the resources/characters or you don’t. I don’t necessarily like the lack of warning that we might expect this kind of event, but it just is what it is.

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Im not necessarily in disagreement with you, I also think it’s a do if you can, skip if you can’t type event.

My gripe with it is, that i would spend to be apart of the do if you can group, but it’s a little scary to start spending trying to get to the end point Harper, but falling short due to a few bits of information that would help us calculate and manage our resources to be successful.



If you already have all 4 characters and finished Camilla roadmap to minimize possible spending, I’d say if the Alpha/Marcus roadmap gives T4 strong gear, it’s a good indication that the future Glenn roadmap will also give trait specific T4 gear.

Of course, unconfirmed, but patterns is something I tend to rely most on in this game.