Harper Gauntlet: Guide


Anybody who completes the roadmap, please share each stage enemies and teams used to beat it.
Let’s help community to not waste any wine :slight_smile:


Was relatively simple tbh, can’t give you screenshots as already completed it.

Used Michelle lead, Kate for focus, then G2 Rick, disarm Bruce & Marlon.

The later rounds have Camila as supporter.


I’m guessing the camila map was even easier?


Very easy

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So all you need is around 10k coins lol

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Depends how many you want. 30 pulls = 6,900 coins for two characters:

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If I end up getting Glenn via war tokens or the 30 pulls, I could get Harper and Camilla for just 6900 coins. Pretty dope so here’s to my luck with Glenn…

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Gotta max them out to get Harper, don’t forget that!

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Huh you need 50 to finish the Harper gauntlet that gives you 2 toons. 40 pull is 40 and 5 singles to finish the other map to get the last 10 for the Harper gauntlet

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Luckily I don’t ever level up my characters so I’m stocked on gear and resources lololol


There will be four maps, one for each character. so the 5 in the Camilla map turns to 10 bottles and the maps for Glenna, Chris and Alpha will require another 15 but provide you with 30 more.

So 20 pulls = 20 bottles which are turned into 40 bottles via 4 roadmaps.


Yes but you need 50 for just 2 toons


That is where the other 10 come in.

So 30 pulls gives you the 50, which is 100 after running the Harper map


Ahh yeah but that won’t give you Harper


That’s 7,200
20 singles is 5,000
Plus 2,200 for a ten


Anyone else following this like a hardcore dementia patient in a special institute for the criminally retarded?


Or 3 tens for 6600

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I already did my ten pull. I was trying for Camilla as that’s all i want. But as long as the other maps come, i will get Camilla and Chris plus all the extra gear


That’s not how it was mapped out which is what i was referring to

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So 3 tens will get u in the neighborhood for Camila?