Harlan offer - wtf


Really Scopely? You should have put this Harlan in ascendance wheel.


Hahahahahaha it’s laughable ain’t even got stun gun :rofl:


Fun fact: I already have a 5* version.

Why do 58 AP 6* toons always have to be so mediocre?


Loius and bruce aint mediocre


Forgot about them, sorry. I meant, most of these toons.


If they’d kept his AR as “TBD” I’d consider this offer


$130 for a toon i have 2 of


Make that 3 lol


Don’t forget blue alpha too lol!! That collateral damage with 5000 attack wipes out 2 erikas at once lol


he should be removed from the game xD
forget about him soon we will get a carley she is going to be f2p Harlan xD


you know why they made the offer?
they saw the topic “how to best use harlan”…
but they didn’t bother to read the comments, lol. he is best used as a aden/lilith…


Quickly some1 create a “how to best use erika” thread


You guys are totally missing the 2 bags this offer comes with. It has like 4 shirts in it and some rain boots… I just wish I could buy this offer twice. Maybe I will create an alt just to do that. Harlan is at the top of everyone’s list…

Of useless characters.


I just pulled this loser on my 250th failed attempt to get an Erika.

Some consolation. :face_vomiting:


So can I trade in the one I pulled for $100, or…? I mean I’d settle for the Clem I was going for at the time.


Wow, you actually bought him then? :rofl:


can someone make a “erika ain’t worth 1 buck” topic, mYbe we get an 1 dollar offer for erika, with stun gun for a buck


would have purchased 5 if he could! poor scopely limiting people to one, team of Harlan, what a dream team


No… called last WD pulls


Almost had all 6 toons from frist token wheel like WD