Hardest defense teams


Which are the hardest ones you’ve seen… in your regions or in CRW.


Its obviously going to be double magna with erikas etc all with absolute defense dummy


Double shields with 3 revives. Nothing sucks more than chain revives.

Need another f2p decap toon.


Do you think it’s better just to stack shields and revives, without any offensive component?

I usually make a base with Erika lead, another Erika and Magna. Then I add other things… either some offensive ranged characters like Negan, Mirabelle or Governor; or even a non ranged surprise (lacerator Shiva usually, which stacks with Negan’s bleed). Adding Hunter for more revive is something I also do sometimes.

Garrett lead doesn’t seem to work better.


If it was a couple months ago I would have said Erika magna teams but after facing them so many times they really aren’t that difficult anymore I don’t think there is really any team that is difficult or hard anymore tbh, but if I had to pick I’d probably say Carl Jesus shield and erika with some random stuff behind them and that’s not even that hard just time consuming thankfully we have auto tho lol


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