Harder to keep playing everyday


Im a player that started over 2 years ago. I have a well over 630 day log in streak. The true death of what was once a great game is coming. The example of this is this

The constant money grabs have become blatantly obvious. Same with needed gear. I have hit that 2 million milestone. Saved up 6* gear and can 4th tier 3 right now. Only thing holding me back is the lack of the canteens. If i want them i have to buy one of those ridiculous offers for $30 to $100 for a chance RNG to get what is needed. While the top spenders have been able to upgrade at will. Load coins and you to can be great. For the rest of us OG players we can only reminisce about how we use to be able to get the gear we needed atleast once a month. Now there is no light at the end of that tunnel causing us to slowly drift away and go to other less costly games that are less frustrating and honestly now more fun.


Mark where you guess the game is. (Pretty far to the right ?)


Do i win a canteen?

In all seriousness, the offers are ridiculous and seemingly getting worse week by week.
Still feel that “that letter” had a spelling mistake and we were promised a “payer first attitude” as opposed to anything else.


Saying what everyone know isn’t impressive, to make this impressive let me see a screenshot of that 700 log in streak bcuz it wasn’t out that long.


When did he/she say it was impressive?


I don’t agree with this. Clash of clans had been out at least as long and still going strong.

Clash releases content for both f2p and p2p. The game allows the f2p to advance and have fun. The offers are basic in nature and let a player get what they need.

This game made chanes to hurt all players (crit change) and throw offers that are outrageous. Only the truty dedicated spend, and from what I am seeing here and in regions, a lot are cheating.

Something else, cheaters thrive here. In clash, they are removed quickly.


Uh… Game is over 2.5 years old… I’m at 500 days and had a 200 days before that. Was in the middle of the ocean on vacation between the two, so yes. 700+ is very possible.


I was wrong sorry its a 630 day log in streak but been around about 6 months before they started keeping track


That was rude I gotta agree with slayer let him speak his mind


The offer posted was just an example of hat has become of the game. Its not about the game anymore. How can it be when everytime you log on its a pop up offer forcthis or that. What else are the dedicated players that invested time energy and for some of us money into. Im not trying to inflame anything. Forums are for people to be able to express an honest opinion. There us no hate being thrown around its just an assessment of what ive seen. If im wrong prove me wrong release the gear. Stop hoarding everything for a buck. We have supported Scopley for some time now and deserve more than we are getting now.


The worst part is this gear was supposed to be in rd maps so far the introduction of 6s has been horrible .


Yeah i got it lol


I dont believe we will ever get these “roadmaps”


Went right over my head hahaha


I agree . Also 6s have completly stalled game play no more prizes worth playing right now , how many more months before we get back to the game and off the 6s rollercoaster.


Probably another 6 months at least I would say. Will the game last that long? With all these shiny new promos like Michonne. It might just.


Most of my big spenders have already quit very few of them still pulling . They don’t see the point in buying more for no event prizes . Most of their rosters are so stacked already they don’t need any hahaha.


Not about how long a game is out, more about how the devs are handling that lifecycle. Could be done in a week or an decade+.


642 is the highest you can have at the moment, as that is when the prestige stuff came out.


Never missed a day since i started over 2 years ago. 642 may be in beta