Hard to identify costs

For the last several months, ive been able to steadily grow my shirts and gloves stash while maintaining a nearly constant pair of training grounds churning out 2 stars. I watch these numbers daily, I know the direction they are trending in.

Then suddenly, in the last 2 weeks, ive noticed that those numbers are beginning to march the other direction, slowly but surely, but I can’t really pin down what is different.

The Thursday gear roadmap got nerfed. that was a big supplier of the goods, so that’s def a culprit, but it seems like gear and survivor pickups in other roadmaps, world maps, territories, and roads have also taken a hit.

Anyone else having this experience?

Survivors in world stage i havent seen a difference. I use salvage tokens to quickly load up my training grounds & i get hits, also by having the 2 terries

I’m suddenly down like 400 shirts and gloves and for months I had been on the steady rise. Something just doesn’t smell right

If you’re leveling s class toons, theres your reason right there. The amount of 2 star trainers to level them is astronomical compared to leveling 6 stars.

he’s talking about keeping the timer from running out, while training 2 stars… right? my shirts and gloves are running low also. i’m on 3k both.

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