Hard SR got my activity flowing

Downside here is that it would require keeping around a lot of teams just for SR. I already have way more than is convenient, imagine having to scroll through thirty teams in war because you want to switch teams and you built one before you added all the SR teams and one after.

Another idea: Have one button that when pressed replaces the current team with the last team you used to play that particular stage.

but that stages reset and change is the problem there - but you really just need to make the teams when SR is going on. Trying to think of the simplest / fastest solution. As Dwight from the office said KISS - keep it simple stupid lol

I need 30 more team slots then.

Tabs for team pages… a tab for attack teams, one for def, one for scav, one for sr, arenas etc.

My teams page is a bit of a mess

reduceeeee - I purge my teams now almost weekly ms geek. I can help!

Noooooo! Gimme more team slots. I still use half a dozen for scavenger missions. And I’ll want 30 teams for SR regardless, for each color I want different teams for walkers, humans, and mixed stages so that’s 12 right there. Then add in the bleed/burn team, mixed teams (ranged/melee/mixed colors) and I’m at 30 in a heartbeat.

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okay LG can have her own special extended team space of 100 teams - SR teams, onslaught teams, horde defence, normal attack, def, tower def, abe tower taker, territory def, scav teams - that cover it?


I think I actually left out part of the post; I meant that partucular type of stage. So if the the stage is walkers followed by three Tyreese and you can only take greens, if you press the button it will fill it with the team you used the last time you had to play against walkers and Tyreese using only greens, so you’d only have to set them once (as long as you don’t lose any) for every type of stage you can play.

I follow more now. I guess the question would be how do we know it’s Tyrese that follow? It would give us an “unfair advantage” in the mind of the game makers probably for that part.

Blue Trait only, Neutralize specialist skill only, (in one variant at least) impair on being attacked weapon. That’s always triple 5* Tyreese, with two other buffers I think. I haven’t done a complete list, but I think you can identify each stage from the information given before starting it; there may be a few where the info is ambiguous…

Mhm tyrese May be a a bad example here, but I’m pretty sure there are others that are less straight forward particularly when there are multiple traits listed

Thanks for the feedback. I need to check further but I think another Solo SR Hard is scheduled for next week. :partying_face:



Can you also check your schedule for where the mod removal is? Shouldn’t it have started 6 hours ago?

Thats not something to be happy at all :unamused:

When is nightmare coming?

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The Mod removal will start at 10 am PST as communicated on the calendar.

Where do you get the confusion from?


I find the words used in this title suggestive.

I’m happy. I can easily place top 10 for like 1-2 refills and get more S-class cards.

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The picture I provide was an hour ago. You updated the calendar 20 minutes ago. Nice try making me look like the fool.