Hard SR got my activity flowing

First time I ever enjoy SR, it kept me so busy building teams and testing my different toons first time I ever see the value of each toon and got me to use a large variety of them, would like to test my s-class also on nightmare it’s been a long time we didn’t see it @GR.Scopely


Yes hard tickle a little, give us some nightmare now


Yeah let’s bring back 500 stage nightmare mode… not


Yes that one was fun

Not for the vast majority of players


Its an adult game. Lets make it 1000 stages! In 24 hours.


I just found it annoying.

No reflect weapons allowed

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User selectable difficulty would cure everyone’s problem

We know they cant code that

Gotta let me have a dream :frowning:

Its all gone to shit let’s be honest !!


Eww no please. I I definently perfer the time investment of regular sr compared to hard. Hours spent rebuilding the same teams over and over again since it was impossible to kept the same and chipping away at ridiculous 5 star stats. Hard and nightmare sr can go die in a corner. Games not worth hours of my day anymore


Exactly. Well put.

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I don’t mind SR, just need save teams so we don’t have to click over and over again and search for toons and weapons


If I have to Sr this mode suits me :hugs:

GR has ran away lol… that guy hasn’t replied for like last few good days

If it was an SR every 2 weeks or so then that would be fine, but with 5 SRs in 2 weeks. I seriously can’t be bothered to rearrange my teams for every stage after Gold 1 on a hard SR. Motivation gone.

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I think the easiest way scopely can rectify the time it takes to construct teams is copying what they do in arenas which let us choose a team we have set in our roster already


Please let this be so! So time consuming sorting teams in and out all the time.