Harassment... What happened?


I just read the thread Shane posted about harassment and I felt guilty. I’m also curious as to what happened? I love this game and even though I may be known for being overly negative it’s just my way of trying to get attention to where improvements is needed. I may joke around sometime with memes but it’s never my intention to harass anyone especially not Shane. You’re the best community leader we had so far and you’ve improved forum a lot and you got scopely to share info with us on upcoming events etc. So I’d like to apologize if ever I’ve been an ass.


Don’t think it was you bud, but I’ve seen some pretty wild and harsh things said to @kalishane, I don’t care if you spent money on this game or not. At the end of the day it is a game and not life, some people seem to have a problem differentiating one from another. If what I’ve seen on the forums is pretty bad I can imagine her PM’s could be worse. From whales to f2p and whether it’s towards her or other people at Scopely, things need to chill a bit.


That makes me want to harass you.


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At least we know they have been working for the last two days… and that they are just going to ignore what happened this weekend :confused:


I know right that’s why I was like, shit I got banned not sure why, who’s she talking about


Its a wild admin


I appreciate it Mr_Muffintop – but we good. :slight_smile:

I am also trying to do my part to help the team fight harassment in-game, and some of the things we see are — well, there really are no words. That being said, we’re working on the tools to help fight this.

As for on the forum – I understand there is passion behind being here, getting upset, defending others, and even memes – but yes, we take threats very seriously because it’s very important. Always feel free to reach out to me if you spot anything.