HAPPY THANKSGIVING 🦃 🌽 🥕 🥧 [Meme Potluck B.Y.O.M.]




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Well, it’s actually not a happy day for the playerbase, but nonetheless happy gratitude day. Lmao


At the end of the day, still just a game to me :slight_smile:



Happy Thanksgiving to all of those in The USA. Hope you all have a great day of thanks with family by your side and take the time away from the game for the day.


am au so just another normal day


Can someone explain to me what are you celebrating at thanksgiving day?
Happy thanksgiving, Americans :us: :handshake::ru:


they are celebrating getting fat.


That’s savage mate



Cheers! I’ll enjoy it too!


wuts this


I see, thanks for googling it for me! We are secular state, but most of the population professing Orthodox Christianity, though we have a lot of holidays based on pagan traditions of our ancestors, such as


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