Happy Thanksgiving 15 char

Hey Guys Happy Thanksgiving Look I know a lot of people are upset about the trainer map mess up and now the Andrea Mess up However, with tomorrow being Thanksgiving Instead or complaining all day can we just be thankful we woke up or something I understand the frustrations RL issues for me right now are depressing enough I’d just like a little positivity for a change Thank you


Some positivity! :slight_smile:


Happy turkey day!


positivity? with scopely around? not likely to happen

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Thankful for the food I’m gonna stuff my face with tomorrow. Bout it

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Give me Andrea
It’s only make me happy

Happy Thanksgiving. I am thankful I will be spending with family but bittersweet 1st holiday without my mom


Ill be at work for 10 hours haha

I’m positive this company sucks.

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Happy thanksgiving/ turkey day. remember to love your kitties and puppies and give them lots of hugs in kisses everyone


Wicked barb this is my last with my mom and she might not make it through tomorrow so I understand

I’m sorry about your mum. Hope you will be ok.

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I’m sorry about your mom. Sending you lots of prayers and thoughts.

Thank you. It’s been 2 months feels like yesterday

I know what you’re going through. Mine had progressive cancer after it came back we had 6 weeks. Prayers to you love

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