Happy holidays to everyone but not scoopy

Merry Christmas and happy new year to everyone
But not you
Scamply ScoopyDoopy

You guys are freaking greedy and disgusting

Making Christmas sales instead of players thanks event?

If you want to milk every single thing from players
We all know not only money. Player stay online longer benefits you more
U better just hang your stinky sock wait for santa

Less effort


Does scoops appreciate their player base???
Or are they not smart enough to understand that a little good will chear will keep their player base playing a little longer?

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Or maybe they are doing what companies do best since christmas was made for end of the year sales for the industry. You buying an iphone and screaming merry christmas is feeding the beast, scopely knows the deal, the players are just lost in the illusion of christmas

It’s little bit different from that

Apple might has potential to grab money from user. Chances
Even we own iPhone

Yet most likely the carrier are the one. Like phone bills

I am also game developer
Scoops actually a host instead of developers

Scoopy squeeze money and time
And they should know we stay and login every single day or even participate like leagues
Already kind of force to play than attractive enough to create addicts

And they thought we don’t know. We did support and they gain a lot. Like someone you help their business they earn a million. They are not only give you ten bucks instead of 10% bonus or dividend u name it.

Scoops wants u to pay another 100bucks for we should appreciate they say hi to us.

What a joke LOL

Daily login
Events take days or months
To keep the traffic
Will draw money into Scoopy pocket

Ask people in the same business

Casual spenders

Scoops want them all
Yet they don’t balance well

And without vision

Don’t misunderstand I am not here to cry
Yet I want to point out and make sure Scoopy don’t pretend

I am not going to buy their funny Christmas offer
I am here to make sure more people realize we don’t deserve this way

Not everyone will do things only for own good

Here’s a thought.

If they’re that bad, why are you still here?

Heres a thought

Maybe some of us enjoy the game, zombies and what not and maybe some of us like the walking dead and would like to see a better game that we love. Maybe some of us dont like to see the things we like slowly die and we “cry” because it hurts to see a company care so little not just about us but also the game and story we like, but that is just a thought

I am here because I am leader of faction and because they are my friend I am not leaving yet

And I am not saying this on behalf of myself or my faction
I am not going to spend a dime or hrs on this game
I am no nuts

I am telling this to scoopy
And people who keep on spending money and time and thanks for the Christmas treatment they don’t deserve.

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