Happy holidays Survivor's!


I wish all of you happy holidays! :+1:
Merry christmas everyone :santa:
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Post you gifts here if you want.
@kalishane @Mamadeadhead @discobot @CombatMan and all other ppl here!
Keep on surviving…


Happy Holidays to all.


Merry Christmas all thank you for a positive post! May you have a joyous holiday.


Merry Christmas all if you are tempted to watch zombie Santa at Christmas the film don’t it really is aweful. You’re welcome


Merry Christmas Everyone! Here is too a great holiday season!



Ho ho ho, Merry Christmas!






Thank you all for the positive vibes!
Have a nice last week in 2017👌
Keep on surviving :heart:


I have my daughter gifts wrapped!!! :heart:


I’ll update with her reaction and what I got :heart:


@Mamadeadhead How old is she?


Did she leave some milk and cookies for Santa?


@Nick She turns 2 in February, and yes she is :heart::heart::heart:



I hope you all get presents as cool as this lady’s sweatshirt.


Oh so cute! Merry Christmas!


I wish I was better at internet so I could find this lady and ask her for her secret to amazing nonsense sweatshirts.