Happy holidays from Wolfy

This year has been extremely hard on the f2p only to find out today its not getting any better for Christmas. Can you believe this :poop::poop: event? But despite that, I hope you all find some happiness this holiday season. I’ve made some good friends among the walking dead forums and I wouldn’t trade that for anything. There’s a lot more to life then this game. This holiday I’m planning on trying to volunteer any free time I get. Which isn’t much. But I feel best when I’m helping somehow. May you all have a wonderful holiday and get everything you wish for from Santa Axel/ Mercer! And may you keep on surviving! Screenshot_2019-11-08-22-53-35-1


Wow this was surprisingly sweet for a forum post, thanks! Happy holidays to you too!


The forum is full of good people. It’s just being treated like garbage from scipely all the time brings out the worst in all of us.

Happy Holidays and don’t let the grinch that is scipely bring you down too much!


Happy holidays :slightly_smiling_face:

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You too! Thanks!!

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Oh I won’t. I lead a fulfilling life. I’ve been blessed that way. Scopely is the grinch. Ppl need to remember games are meant to make you happy. If there not, its on the game. And you too!


Happy holidays!

I mean you too happy holidays not the game thing. Lol

I don’t believe in happy holidays, I believe a merry Christmas and a happy new year. Have yourself a great Christmas!


Either is fine by me! And you too!

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Happy Holidays

I can tell this event is gonna be boring.

Once the gate comes in it’s gonna spruce it up.

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Thank you. Back atcha!

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Oh I know your right. Already its not registering my accomplishments and I had to reach out to support. Plus I don’t see 1 rm on there that gives 12 bears. Its tedious 1 bear at a time and f2p has little chance. I’m in arenas and roadmaps getting those hats. Lol. Its awful.

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Right back at ya man, happy holidays and such a sweet post in this convoluted mess scopes had just released tbh lol

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Thank you. Kindness doesn’t cost anything. Something they could learn from. And happy holidays to you as well!

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Lol… I do understand the severity. But there’s always room for kindness! Happy holidays!

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This is a very sweet post. I hope your kindness can reach Scopely HQ. Here’s to a better year of gaming experience :slight_smile:

Happy holidays! :blush:

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I love your profile picture and thank you! Darryl is my fave on the show. Well 2nd to Rick Grimes whom I named my cat after . Here’s to better gaming year and happy holidays to you too. With that, here’s my Rick Grimes & Darryl Dixon. Darryl is the short hair. Lol.