Happy Forum Birthday!

I’ve noticed a ton of cakes by ppls name today, I believe this forum was actually started on the 17th of October.
Anywho… Happy Forum Birthday to those it applies to :blush:



Heng-Yen cakes (?

Patient 100 or so probably, lol

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It’s cake day for all! :tada:

I was wondering what that was all about lol

Don’t think I have any cake though :frowning:

Cakes all round :sweat_smile:

Oh so that’s what that is

I had no idea


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Cake day was soooo yesterday. What took y’all so long to get here?


Happy anniversary of the shutting down of the original forums over their last list of “promises”!

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There definitely were a few things I enjoyed about the old forum.

Hope everyone has a great day


Funny thing is, Marie Antoinette has never said this. :joy:

i want a cake beside my name :(n

I am curious, why some have cake, and others don’t? Is it a bucket thing? :joy:

The cake appears by the players name on the anniversary of the day they sign up for this new forum, yours will be the 30th.

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Oh and I have a large cake today because it’s my actual Birthday :joy:

Happy birthday! October birthdays are the best! :cake:

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Thanks for the answer, and happy birthday!

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i agree with you on that.

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