Happy cake day!

The lil slice of cake? ^


go into the cakeday section, it’s your anniversary for signing up for this forum.

Seems like the reasonable conclusion though I can find a clear reference

Is this real? I hope this is real. Let me. Find out.

it’s in the menu thing, left of your avatar. At least that what it is for me on mobile

Fact! I never woulda seen it.


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Joined Oct 17, '17

its your forum birthday

Is it everyone’s cake day?

Anniversary of Day 1 of new public forum release I suppose. So most. Realized list kept going so I stopped trying to tag lol


mine will come up in sept 15th of next year.

This cake day thing had to been a recent addition

If it doesnt give me coins or WD pulls … or gear… the cake is meh… pointless…

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Hope I never get cake day.
Hate cake.

It’s not a recent addition, it’s part of most discourse forums. We just recently hit the one year anniversary of the forums though (as Wanderer said, today’s the anniversary of public access). So, only a handful of people have had their cake day here before today.


ah ok, thanks for the clarification.

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Mine will be the 27th of next month

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But it doesn’t show the fake icon in description which is what I was looking for.

Whoop Cake Day

The cake is a lie

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