Haopy new year all!


I hope to see you all in 2018, this game has been a rollercoaster for most, but for those who stick around, happy new year you filthy animals!

And remember…keep surviving.


Happy new year!


What do you hope to see from scopely in 2018?


Happy new year to you


Happy new year





Conglaturation to change of yearnumber :tada:


Only mobile game that didn’t offer a free gift…happy new years.


happy new year


Happy birthday, year.

I’d just like to say that while I enjoy the game as much as I can, the forum community has become like a second faction of sorts. I come here to vent, be consoled, share, laugh, and do most of the things which the social aspects of this game require, in order to keep from pulling what remains of my hair out on a daily basis due to playing it.

To all the '18ers, and all the in-betweeners:


Ain’t that the truth, tbings would be much better if tapjoy didn’t do us all dirty one point or another.


Haopy news year!