Hanging In The Towel


Hello, fellow Survivors. Today I am declaring I am leaving the game for good, there are a few reasons as to why, so let me run through them.

6 Stars
Oh boy, 6 stars… My worst fears about them came through, all of my money spent on premiers, all of that effort leveling them, it’s all worthless now… Tyreese will just 1 shot them…

Tournaments and their prizes
There’s way too many tournaments now, it feels like every day there’s a now solo lvl up for the same exact prizes
The prizes have gotten absolutely stale, it’s just the same thing over, and over, 5 Star Tokens, Gear Bags, Medals… No exclusive/new epics at all…
You used to make exclusive 4☆ for Faction events, why not give out exclusive 5☆ for Faction/Solo events? It would definetly bring more competition back…

Failed Promises
Now, my final issue…
You promised us weekly gear maps… Didnt happen
You promised 8 new ascendable epics per month…
You promised to be player first
You cannot be player first when you just feed the same prizes to us and bring out token events where you cannot get any extra pulls unless you put up crazy milestone scores…

Anyways, my road through survival is over…
All I can say for you all is…

Keep On Surviving!


I don’t agree with your first reason. New premier recruits will always trump older premier recruits. If 6 stars never came to be that would not change.

I am seriously thinking about leaving too. I enjoy my faction and their kinship, if not for that I would be gone in no time. Playing has become a serious strain. I used to get excited for tornoments. They are just a huge disappointment lately. I get they can’t offer “amazing” prizes every tornoment but lately they having been worth putting any effort into


scopely could care less.


Think a lot of us are getting to this point. This is becoming much more widespread, if this doesn’t worry Scopely its incredibly foolish.


In before post is closed.

Kinda bunk they don’t allow supportive goodbye posts when their game is obviously thinly veiled gambling. It’s gonna bite them in the ass one day, mark my word.


I sadly agree with all the points OP makes. Feeling very much the same… kinda wanting to stick it out and see what faction assault is about but beyond that war sucks, level ups suck and raids suck…


I do agree with his first reason because only spenders or extremely lucky F2P players could receive 5* premier recruits, so spenders keep spending to compete with other spenders. 6*s changed it to the point where a F2P player who been playing at least since the start of the ascendance update could easily destroy teams that whales spent countless dollars trying to create. This is coming from a F2P player.


“Excuse me! Didn’t I clearly state in the TOS Guidelines, that if anyone is caught creating or posting “Quitting,” or “Goodbye,” posts, that they would be permanently banned, so everyone who commented on this thread, expect to be banned in less than 24 hours!” -Kalishane


Leaving game + ban from forums, that is scopelys way.


Are you having fun stalking me with memes and gifs? I think so. Lmao…


Feeling this, anyone spending money on this game is doing exactly what scopely wants.

Milking the cow.

I’m waiting to see how Faction Assault plays out, that is the be all and end all for me if it flops.


VK is already rubbing their hands and making all the rewards at a discounted price as we discuss, and test it out in beta region. First day it’s going to be buggy, laggy, and bosses will either do more damage, or not be able to take damage bug.


You might as well buy a house and blow it up when you get sick of it.

A lot of people have poured money into this game, including myself, I’m waiting to see how it unfolds.

Cheaters are everywhere, especially where money schemes are involved.


That sounded way harsh than how I meant it :joy:


Lol we went off topic with this. Started from goodbye thread to Scopley scam and faction assault thread. XD


Instead of fixing the problems, learning from these posts and building bridges to strengthen the weak relationship between players and Scopely, now these types of posts are tos violations and get shut down to bury the true current health of the game. Hiding these posts doesn’t change the issues Scopely.


The rant thread was also created to hide player’s thoughts, suggestions, anger, and outside discussing. It’s nothing, but a joke thread to ignore the player’s. That’s why I don’t really like going in there.


Agreed. I am a mostly f2p player, and by god the amount of stuff allowed to me as a harder going player has let me stuff even windowless teams now a days on attack with a damn good success rate of about 90-95%.

Defense clearly was not a forethought on the balancing end when this last crw brought the Ghost Buff and has made my team of Raw Offense with a little bit of Guile (Rather than a well oiled Guile offense like before which had a decent attack rate but not nearly overpowering) into a race to kill opponenta before they can kill me in war.

This ‘Balance’ is so slanted its no wonder people are spending less in some areas, or just throwing up their hands and walking.


I believe the phrase you’re looking for is “throwing in the towel” or perhaps “hanging it up” (cleats or jersey). Looks like you morphed these two different phrases into one.


Ok… I hope you feel better for letting us know!