Hang on a minute


What are the gold radios used for? i just realised at the top of my screen that you can get gold radios… but what are they for?


Nothing, and you can’t actually get them, it’s like the 5 stat weapon parts, they don’t actually exist.


Nothing yet. They were not released, but it makes sense to have them if there are bronze and silver radios. Future feature


ooo ok so its wasting pixels on my screen to look like there more in the game :smile: :smile:


Hmm…the pixels would show something anyway so I don’t know that it’s wasting anything.

But yes, it is there to trick you into think there is more to the game.


Careful with the pixels, I hear there’s a pixel famine and this is the reason that we arent getting the ascend able legacy toons anymore.


It gives you 30 seconds to ask a yes or no question to a scopely executive. The answer is always “keep on surviving”


:smile: hahahah those pixels are hiding them toons! #pixelfamine


:joy::joy::joy::joy: or thanks for getting back to us we see you are asking about the radios… we will be sure to notify you, keep on gaming!




It was a failed attempt to improve the roadmap situation…never actually release no plan to have them released either…probably to difficult to have it removed from the coding. If they were smart they could release them since the platform is already there and have it as the weapon part roadmap that is constantly called for on the forums. But to date it’s just a #failure


I believe they were there from beta to unlock uncommon and rare gear roadmaps without the bronze/silver radios. I could be mistaken but that’s what I remember hearing.


I’ve heard that too. Though I don’t remember too much about the reasoning. I thought it was compensation for something.