Handicap Recruits


LMAO. This is awesome.


Speaking of diversity

How about some diversity in tournaments :blush: can you pass on to liveops that 50 level ups a month is just a little too much

Scale it back to like 35

Anyone remember raid tournaments?


Raid tornaments? can you repeat this in English please.


I don’t remember where the raid button is


Rayaids tournamentino


Still don’t get it, do you mean solo level up tornament?


I know it’s silly but you both @Twisty and @Akearns made me laugh so hard.


You know , I think that might be what I mean

Saying it out loud does sound right


Ah I thought so, just took a while for me to understand, my bad





the 1st wheelchair “Human Shield” toon in the game … Just put him up against Sawyer and … oh dear


You guys are ruining my thread. Level ups Yadda yadda yadda. This is about handicap recruits.