Handicap Recruits


Hey Scopely,

Can you please think to include handicap recruits for future designs? Crutches, wheelchair, amputees, etc…

You have a dominatrix in Mirabelle, how about a little diversity?




Half of the rick chars are amputees and governor too, dale, heath


I want a wheel chair recruit.


Right? Huhahuha.

But a wheelchair… Maybe… Maybe…


6* Dale in a Wheelchair - AR: TAINTED MEAT!


Yes! Without both legs. That would be awesome indeed


Since we have a Morgan without his arm… Anything is possible

PS: Morgan was infected and Michonne cut off his arm. And he didn’t survive after that. So characters that died right after the amputees could happen


Lol? :smile:


Is this idea for diversity or fetish?


I feel less weird for once suggesting they add Dwarves now.


They are called little people and yeah they should add them.


or Dwarves…


You are talking about midgets, but I suppose survivor actually meant dwarves u know


Fuck that now I want Elves. And Knights. And Dragons.


My ideal handicap recruit would be a 6* named Brooke, tough trait, in a wheel chair. She would be blonde using a blowstraw to launch attacks. I would cherish her forever.


Can I ask for a musem worker pre apocalypse that stole a german set of medieval armor and went crushing skulls with his morgenstern? I’d name him Ruthard or something like Hans


No. I meant people with the medical condition. “Dwarf” is an acceptable term. But yeah I guess little person is more pc.


Dude…are you asking them to make a recruit of you?


Haha nah I’m Russian and a world economy student main part of my day, but at late night I become ruthless Varangian guard(Slavic viking)!!! Sköl! Man I love Scandinavia and want to move to Sweden but I heard they are not friendly with migrants. Put a Viking char on my list pretty please btw :joy:


Yes to Vikings!. A Vikings / TWD crossover would own. Ragnar vs Negan. Negan wouldnt stand a fucking chance. Anyway back to my 6* Brook in a wheelchair. Please Kalishanekjzdgksjd bglkadjbgvkl,c vakjsfbkajsdfv?