Halp for Survival Roads / mods

Hey, I need an advice. I want to be better in Survival Roads. I have plenty Crit Mods I haven’t assign yet, but which characters should have them for SR if I even use and focus on Crit for SR?

I have as well upcoming Gator, as 6* I guess he should have full crit setup, but I also have some 5* / should they have as well if their AR gives Crit boost? And use the once who have Crit as leadership.

Ofc also using Crit Weapons if possible against zombies.

Let me hear what you think?

Do you really need 2 threads about this? and I always put crit weapons with a crit lead skill and it works just fine no reason to mod ur roster around survival road.


Gator is God of sr/walkers. Get camo toons like green michonne from $10 pass, blue barker has camo. Get gaurdians, revives, camo and toons that do area damage like collateral or thier rush does damage to 3 or more. This will help you in sr more than anything, i have a gaurdian, camo, hp booster, reviver, of each trait/color. Put crit set on collateral damage skilled toons, anything else is a waste as crit set is useless except for toons with collateral but for sr build teams by trait/color. The worst stages in sr are the ones that make you use 1 trait/color and have reflect damage and stun zombies, camo is number 1 saver in sr imho.

Survival road requires a large range of teams. There is no one team which will boss all levels.

Gator is a good start. Also focus on Guardian and +Crit rush characters for Walker stages. Tenacity helps because it means you can’t get one shot by a walker.

For Human stages, always build a team which has a trait advantage, and never a trait weakness. Guardian again good. If you don’t have high powered damage toons, the battle may go on a lot longer - healers and revives are a must.

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