Halloween tokens converted to 250gold EACH

We have to make sure that for once we make sure that we don’t let up on going against scoply after this and we get a compensation we need to win this time

Whole region once word got out lol

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Reading through the forum threads and bumped into this

The gaslighting is strong in this thread.

I hope customers realise that the early release of this find a letter (sounds like something off of sesame street) is just a distraction off this subject… appears alot are falling for it.


They just removed the post cause it was true lol.

Amazing how fast they can fix somethings but other things take years

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What post did they remove?

The one where I showed the image of support saying your coins are suppose to convert.

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That’s so dumb, we don’t even need that evidence anyways tbh, the fact that they never changed the coins to supply points for over 2 weeks is proof enough

Oh and these ones?


Those images they deleted mine cause it “Inappropriate”

Lol why on earth is in inappropriate?

Idk I guess scopes wanted to cover their tracks.

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Since when tho is the truth inappropriate?

Probably cause I sweared in it.

Idk, im having a look for my old posts and think they have all been removed… I never got a reason why tho

Stop remove plz . We want to know

Because its innapropriate to inform players of how inconpetent scopely is, and how the punish players as a result rather the act in the best interest of players of course. Scopey no likey truthy


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