Halloween tokens converted to 250gold EACH

I’m not surprised we haven’t heard anything from a PU or a PC standpoint after they just get a barrage of BS all the time from the majority of people that never have anything constructive to add lol! All the ‘PU and PC is a failiure hahaha!’ rubbish all the time.
You can’t blame them though as they probably got bored of it very quick.

Probably. But this is something I definitely think the PC should bring up with them. Otherwise what’s the point of even having one?


Everyone knew they would be converted into coins. It was written in the lower left corner of the wheel. So that shouldn’t come as a surprise unless people don’t read what it says.

The conversion however was a bit surprising to say the least :upside_down_face: but that was fixed once noticed and coins was removed.

I don’t think everyone knew, most of these events are copy paste jobs so ppl don’t read. I didn’t and noone in my fac did. In hindsight I wish I did lol

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I know that :blush:

I was merely pointing at the “here is the proof they knew” … it wasn’t a secret

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Can’t say I disagree with you, the trolls have ruined the positive movements focuses. People are tired of having to fight with each other instead of taking Scopely head on. But it’s only Saturday, Scopely won’t be in to really respond to anything till Monday so I’m not sure we will see much till later if it’s acknowledged at all.


There actually was a thread or post pointing out the conversion was said to be coins. I laughed at it thinking that must be a mistake. Whoever coded it either is new or has absolutely zero understanding of the game’s economy. There is no quality control.

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Well yeah. Especially since they said they were supposed to be supply markers. They basically fuck everything up.

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Yep and lets not forget that numerous people wrote to support asking for the exchange rate and to confirm they would be changed to coins.

So support knew but the coders were never told to change it… obviously their in house communication is just as bad as it is here in forums.


Is this a joke? cause about to look lmao

This is great for everyone that cashed out !

This is some BS for the rest of us that use the token hoping to get nothing but crap from the reward wheel !

Scopely here is a crooked finger ! :fu:t4:

They didn’t say that. It clearly said that tokens would be converted into coins.
It just didn’t say the conversion rate which then clearly was wrong.



If that’s the case, the people who got their coins revoked should be the ones who are upset :joy: this gate just keeps giving. :popcorn:

I took that picture during the event as you can see - maybe I thought this was too good to be true back then :wink:

And yes I would be super annoyed if I have had my coins taken away. They did nothing wrong. It says coins - they got coins and used them.


Probably they (Scopely) really wanted to convert tokens into coins, but made a mistake with the cost… Why I decided: This label (warning) originally, it was written by a man!.. Error if the warning was about the “signs supplies”, and issued coins - that is a mistake…
This is purely my opinion…:nerd_face:

The ones who really suffered are those who recieved the coins, didn’t use them, then had their accounts wiped to zero coins, losing all the coins they had beforehand. That’s just disgusting and is literal theft if other coins had been bought.


I know that’s what it said. I’m referring to Scopley saying they were intended to be supply points in their forum post.

It clearly states they intended for them to be supply points.

I was so close to Cashing in on Wendy Gate, iPad was at home and Line blew up on my phone… By the time I got home and launched the game it was fixed :frowning:

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Wendy-gate is the only time I’ve ever seen almost the entire faction trying to get in the war queue :laughing: That was fun.