Halloween tokens converted to 250gold EACH

That burt you pulled? Apparently worth 25k gold.

Those who saved halloween tokens were rewarded with a 250:1 conversion.

Here are some screenshots of players who were lucky enough to have saved their tokens:

Also have screen shots of the multiple Wangfas and Mias they pulled afterwards.

Good luck next few wars everyone with the huge amounts of Premier Sclass will be around. Feel free to state whether you think this was a good move considering they wouldn’t make us aware of how much gold each token was converted to:


Pictures courtesy of #PlayersUnited


Omg what a joke guess we shudnt have used them
They really need to make it clear atleast what we will get


scopely, always do it in the wrong way, information like these will be fine but before the event ends.

Wow u must be joking

Better use them coins fast lol

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Shits on the forums it’s over for lol

All tricks, no treats except for those who saved the tokens

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1 burt=25000…


Definitely use those coins! I don’t hold anything against the players who got those coins - that’s Scopely’s fault, but that puts the rest of us 6 months of gameplay behind, at least. Something big needs to be offered as comp to everyone else, or what’s the point in pushing in-game every day, if 1 event puts so many so far behind?


God damn fu.cking kidding me! I could had not got Burts but shit loads of coins! Halloweengate! Ffs!


Ik its annoying but Im used to it

Oh, thisll be fun to see how scopely handles this. Either a rollback, gift or most likely, nothing at all. Lmao

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Im not going savage anymore its whatever

Snitches get stitches!!

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I’m sure it will end like the stash debacle… too bad if you missed out. I did.

Scopes will def rollback those. Enjoy them while you can.

Fk me, someone in my region said that he got 50k coins but i didnt believe him ffs

Oh come on, you think Scopely wouldn’t have figured this out as soon as a mass amount of coins being spent didn’t match up with their income? All this post does is also make the player base aware of the c.ck up.

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I cant ■■■■■■■ believe this, after all the other occasions where coming to the forum was a bad idea, people keep doing it. smfh ya’ll never learn

They will do nothing and say it’s because a small subset received the benefit. They always do.