Halloween Token Pulls = Post them

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i would if we could redeem candy’s, Are there meant to be roadmaps aswell?

There are roadmaps. You can get 6 pulls total

While I take offense to be calling a sick fuck for spending my money I earned on what I want I will still post for data purposes :joy:


A single trainer? Gross, I was expecting the pulls to give bulks of them.

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Me too honestly. … spend and learn😀
A guy in my faction got 2 Burts.

One of my fac Mates spent and got a Brady and 3 cakes

omfg ure so lucky!!! im jealous af

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And people complained about Typhoon prizes… We had guaranteed 1k S class itens from 3 toons on Typhoon stash, now in the next two weeks we will grind for ONE BURT!!! Or maybe SIX BURTS since the event structure with roadmaps will give us the chance to collect enough tokens for 6 pulls only.


Bahaha. This wheel is horrible. Five stars in it :joy::joy::joy:.

They are already selling tokens for the wheel. Greedy clowns.

My shop is empty thank god

Unironically got the best toon in the wheel


Nice! Burt is sooooooo OP! Lucky bastard

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2 burts

Blue Abe is the tower clearer in the game

And unless Scopely adds walker hordes walkers to the towers he will far outlast any of the 6 stars in this wheel

Ironically by buying and doing a pull you just called yourself a name :point_up_2:


Careful, you’re falling for it. They lower the bar again so recent shitty events look like we had it good. Lol

Imagine what they’ll try next to make this one look good?


Put the current S-Class roadmap choice boxes as the main prize