Halloween Mission - Defeat a Faction Boss Update [10/28]


Some players have recently reported that the mission “Defeat a Faction Boss” in the Halloween Road to Fear Mission Event is not completing even after their faction has defeated a boss in Faction Assault. We’ve investigated the reports and have confirmed that the mission is not completing as intended.

That being the case, we will be sending all players the 18 Candy Corn mission completion reward, regardless of whether or not they’ve defeated a faction boss. Expect to see these Candy Corn in your inbox in the next 24 hours.

Note: The mission will remain as is for the duration of the Halloween event.

Thank you for your patience!


But will the mission be fixed?


The mission won’t be fixed and will remain as is in the mission list. I’ve added a note in the original post to reflect that.


Thank you for the info. Glad everyone can get the item.


Much appreciated.

Good to see the quick and appropriate resolution.

Thank you for the info :blush:

I wish we could have fast info and problem resolution like this on other issues.


Excellent,Seems the game is getting better decent job Scopely.

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Waiting for the people who did an assault to complain that they wasted their assault tickets when people who didn’t do an assault still get the reward. In 3…2…1…


Thanks for that, the is a decent offer, although it would be ideal to have Assault tickets included as well.

So they should, hope Scopely deals with that case by case and refund all or part of their tokens. Incidently this info was leaked in a line chat hrs before. Would advise in future that info is released on open forums or in game first.

But besides that, good to see GR engaging abit with customers, need to see more of that. Hopefully we will see more improvements to this event and feedback being taken on board for future events

Shame it cant be fixed… But thank you for the compensation, i was able to do the claw roadmap and do 2 pulls on the Halloween wheel

Sweeeeet! This is such a great event and i will definitely spend money to buy tokens to pull more on this wheel! :roll_eyes:


Hey… Consider yourself lucky…

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I truly hope you cherish that pull for one single red velvet cake :smiley:

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Panic mode disengaged.

Another issue resolved in a timely manner, tip o the cap

Thank you for responding positively.

Nevermind, forget everything we said.
great event.
As you were

What if i didnt got my candy corn??
@JB.Scopely @GR.Scopely