Halloween event


Please forgive me if I am jumping to conclusions too early but I just have to post this. If you guys prove me wrong I will sincerely apologise.

Last year, in the run up to Halloween, the forum was full of speculations and questions about a Halloween event. Most games have some sort of a “thing” for that day. A bit of fun for the players and the developers and a breath of fresh air for everyone. As we all know when Halloween is it is pretty easy to plan ahead for it. So, after all the anticipation, all we got last year was some crap Halloween bags (if I remember correctly) which had to be purchased with coins. So much for an event - just some overpriced bags with nothing exciting in them.

So this year I was hoping you have learnt something but, so far, it seems, you haven’t. All we are getting are the Halloween bags at 3000 coins each. I mean… seriously??? Is it really that difficult to give Negan or Rick a pumpkin or dress them in a costume and do a quick roadmap for a 4s version that would also give a chance for a token pull for a 5s version???

Anything like that, is better than nothing. FFS it only takes a little bit of planning and imagination or am I expecting too much? I sincerely hope you guys will prove me wrong, however, so far it seems like another missed opportunity.


Last year they done a wheel with “halloween” related characters (wanderer, sawyer etc) but it cost money to get the tokens and money only. #bringbackfarmabletokens


Absolutely agree with everything you stated.

I’ve been in the military for over 20 years, and I’ve had the pleasure of working in many different organizations and teams around the country and world. You can really and truly judge a team’s performance and/or dysfunction by looking at their product. I can tell you, without a doubt, that the team at scopely has major issues. Either employee discontent, administrative bloat, misaligned strategies, or, and this is usually the case, weak and untrained leadership. Maybe its the disconnect between teams, or even the geographic or cultural differences between teams (i.e. developers, coders, marketing, monetization etc).

Anyway, yeah. Too bad.


This isn’t a surprise. Typical Scopely.


At the beginning, the game was cool, with good prizes and events,

Then, everything in the game come to money and money only… just continue to that way and dig your own crave.

For us players, we have nothing to lose, no job, no money, and another game will popup… but you scopely,…


No Man’s Land just had a free Halloween community event to kill 751m walkers and rewarded everyone who took part with a 4* Halloween themed weapon and character tokens.

Road To Survival you have to spend a minimum of 6000 coins which will probably reward most with a single 4* weapon pull.

There should have been a 24 hour Halloween themed roadmap rewarding farmable tokens to pull from a Halloween themed wheel. Completion of roadmap would give enough for 1st pull, and token drops enough for most players to do a few additional pulls.


That option doesn’t make them money so it won’t happen


Indeed, all options which doesn’t include cash shouldn’t exist in this game, I’m strong supporter of that. Or they should make events where 3/4 items are farmable, and you have to buy 4th, that will help with rising community spirit. Also no one should know 4th item is available trough purchase


If they want to raise community spirit and stop getting rekt, bashed, ’ defamed ', made fun of, and disrespected they should actually read this forum, take our suggestions, and ACTUALLY make it happen they been saying ’ I’ll bring it to the team ’ for like the past year or two so they need to stop bullshitting us at least say you don’t give a fuck instead of pretending to give one it’s simple af.


and @kalishane if you are reading this and it’s already too late for a Halloween event please let your team know that there is such a thing as Christmas and an event would be good for that occasion. A bit of snow on our town hall and scav camps, a snowman next to the houses, a 5s collection event/roadmap or even, dare I say this, a community event where the whole region has to work towards a common goal?


I feel your pain. Also I will bring it to the team. Meanwhile try your chances for 3000 coins, cheap deal for great pixels (wink wink)


it’s the walking dead for f***s sake… this game should have the best Halloween event nvm this “event” sale. This is just a joke to be honest.


I guess you could say that this offer is so bad it’s SCARY


yeah I forgot there wast that “event” with the Wanderer in the mix. It’s most likely cause I never participated in that event as it was basically premier recruit pulls lol


Yup, avoiding these.
Possible chance at five star tokens for a dead toon… i’ll pass thanks lol!


yeah 5s tokens are garbage now, theres only a handful of 5s worth anything now i.e. sr zeke other ones are just fodder so 9k coins for fodder… you really have to be out of your mind to spend that.


Then to add insult, they bring out a ‘coin offer’.

Lol scopely get your crap together and listen to the peeps.


just had a quick search and the following games are doing Halloween updates/events, this is just from a very quick search:
clash of clans
fallout shelter
slayaway camp
pokemon go
TWD no mans land


this is how it should be done


This game is on life support and the powers that be are too incompetent to do anything about it. It’s that simple.


Exactly the problem here and eith this entire game.

No activities for players to create any excitement around. We are just left to our misery.

No “hey we got this thing coming up, here’s what you can look forward to next week to celebrate the Halloween holiday for those whom celebrate it”.

Doesnt even need to be much, anything would be more interesting than nothing. And certainly even if it’s 10x worse than a paid pool, it would be something. But wtf do we know right?