Halloween event red velvet cakes

Holly was free on a war wheel

? I’m confused

And yea I forgot about her

What is this “this and that toon was free” what bs lol my Dale was free cause i got him because of a glitch in stash that had Alice, Diego, Negan, etc. All i had to do was spend food and craft deluxe replenish and i got the tokens and did a pull and got Dale, so Dale is F2P everyone :man_facepalming: :man_facepalming: :man_facepalming:


I actually never have enough velvet cake! :grin:

There was only 1 I could have completed and at that point I didn’t have enough cakes.

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stop complaining…ur time will come lol

I’d rather see a TRUE ftp toon show up in one of these collections.

Ezekiel, Mirabelle, Carl, Tyreese, Rosita, Viktor, Yumiko, Hershel, Camila, Abraham (Blue), etc.

I wont complain when they do shit that we cant complain about lol

I mean they are bound to run out of premiers lol. Diego hasn’t been up yet, hopefully some scoop him up.

But yes, it’s pretty dumb to have no f2p toons (war wheel toons are not f2p). Players have earned them, they have to be able to use them. Pretty much common sense.

At the very least, keep all the missions up in the museum for when players do get them. Like if a player pulls Olivia from this Halloween event.


Also worth pointing out that Burts are not an event prize, though sadly more use than Red Velvet Cake to the majority of the playerbase!

Exactly. At the moment the main people able to use them are the whales who have every toon so its not helping the smaller factions out at all

Take it to the team pc Parker please

Bit my tongue on the Burts and Basils. I hope they’re Pathways amounts of each. Doesn’t make sense if they regress to only giving small amounts in the age of S-Class

Pathways amounts would be okay (lol…though I had about 1900 toons gumming up my roster after pathways!), one or two per pull would be horrible.

ETA: For the love of God, the ability to stack trainers in one’s roster would be one of the most welcome changes Scopes could make - at the end of the day they’re essentially XP potions with fancy skins.


Ability to have crates, bags & boxes stacked with the ones of the same type & amount would help

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Easy solution to the whole red velvet thing would’ve been to make the ascendable 5*s in this new halloween wheel drop at a decent rate and then put up the red velvet collections for those toons

There all junk

And now we have our answer…single trainers for a pull.

They are just as useless in mich tokens