Halloween-Event Question


So… There won´t be an Non-Pay Halloween-Event?

I expected we would get a Roadmap where we can Farm Pumpkins, Sweets, Skeletons or smth where we can get 5* Halloween Token or something. Kinda disappointed :confused:


You see, THAT is what they should’ve done last year as well. Do NOT count Michonne’s Head Event, it was more worthless than the characters I pull from Elite Tokens.

Which brings our attention to the fact that Scopely only focuses on what is inside our pockets. It CLEARLY says that it’s a “Premium” Halloween event, because they think a Dwight and a stupid AK-47 is enough to keep us fed.

It’s not. Especially because the characters introduced by the A New Threat Event are premier Recruits, and that doesn’t help F2P Players one bit.

And you still hate it when we call you greedy, Scopely? Oh please…


I was excited when I saw it was only 5 required to complete…then I saw the bag going for 3000 coins and a max of 4 nuggets per bag (if you are lucky) and just decided to pass for TOKENS. There wasn’t even a character like Sawyer involved which killed it for me.