Halloween event - FA didn't count

As in topic. We defeated Negan yesterday, and it didn’t counted me to mission. Moreover, 2 players from our faction have completed that mission. What’s wrong?


Working as intended. Only players that get the last hit on Negan are good enough for this mission


Seem everyone that beat one boss get the reward but not rest one boss in each lvl

We didn’t get the candy corns either. How is one supposed to be attainable??

Plus, I beat a boss, but still didn’t get any, so maybe it is only the last boss? (But maybe I beat him before the milestones were up? I don’t remember.)

Can we get clarification on this, Scopely?


Think this needs to be explained better by scopley or gr or someone

Same happened to us. If they seriously purposely designed this such that each faction member must finish negan personally that is just insulting and ridiculous. We won’t be wasting our faction tickets on this dumb event.


Nope need finish a boss… last phase and that you received to kill

Loool you need to duel against your faction leader and win…faction’s boss :laughing:

Things I’ve heard from various group chats:

  • Midtier bosses (Tara, John) also count
  • You have to get the kill, not just hit for damage
  • Coordinated hits lets multiple people get credit for killing the same boss

That is correct and stop being pointgreedy
Stop after last stage every phase and let other hit

Basically it’s bollocks


So is it even worth trying? We were thinking of doing multiple smaller ones so everyone could get it in. But if only the last boss counts that won’t be many of us and sounds like a waste of tickets. What would you suggest? What’s the best way?

Best is to do phase 2 or 3 in my opinion and rally the faction so all attack last stage in phase at same time so all them get reward

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Wow. I don’t know if that’s even possible for us. We have England, Switzerland, Russia, and I’m from America in the house. I don’t know if we could arrange that or not. Thanks tho for replying. Id like to see everyone get it but it doesn’t seem likely.


Regardless of a co-ordinated work around, it’s bonkers that the event considers this strategic and nigh impossible headache of a mission the same value as…

crafting one weapon upgrade. Silly mission that borders on broken and is entirely out of step with the rest of the event


Winning arena 5 times is also a hard one.

I don’t see that one, I see enter Arena 10 times

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Not so many missions out there. How can you not see?)

On account that it isn’t there. Lol

Forget it. Lol. Wrong translation. Apparently its 5 war battles. And its a relief.

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