Halloween crates stopped ? Still two days left



Uhm, said it was going refresh and had count down now gone. Two days left in event?


Yea seen that been waiting to buy 3 more to fet a chance at 1 more pull im at 80 and with 3 pulls i could have got 1


Not sure what you are talking about, but if its the museum collection, you know there was a limit of 20 pulls, right? Check the my collections tab in museum.


The was a box u could buy for 230 coins


Ah gotcha. I rarily go in offers gets me in trouble lol


When road map restarts the box offer did as well


Kinda odd only one of them did for the time thats left


Well they have their reasons i suppose.


Yup and out of it all i say they did a great job on this years Halloween event and got players to raid and have to take part in alot to get some free 5 stars last year it was all about $$$$


What’s different this year lol it’s still all about the $


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