Halloween contest. (62 chars)

Scopley here’s an idea. You host a constest people dress up send in pictures of themselves as RTS characters of their own making. We vote on the best of each trait and the winners become characters in the game ? I think it’s only fair and of course, the 4 winners will get themselves as a prize.

the rules;
Submit the picture
pick a Trait (yellow,green,red, or blue)
Pick specialist skill or leader skill (with in reason)
and thats is 4 per person.


и будете там самых говенным персонажем в игре :rofl:

english. I don’t know much Belrussian :frowning: I’ll ask Zena

and make you the most :poop: character in the game​:rofl:

and you will be their the most important character in the game (translated)

Нее, я в таком конкурсе не буду участвовать

Если и будет такой конкурс, то скопы сделают вас на уровне Серхио или ещё хуже,
Скопы мастера троллинга

I’ve always wanted a “create a survivor” mode. Think that would be badass. Maybe raise the level roof and can only choose lead skill/specialist skill at max level. 5k coins to re-choose. For the start you’re only allowed to pick trait + role. They should have a bunch of premade rushes to choose from like the old type wrestling games did back in the day haha. I’d be on board for that

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oh. okay. yeah ouch lol. but i’m not red Harlon

This is actually a great idea to keep the game fun and going.

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They will do nothing for Halloween except for a $99 offer for Red Beta

i was thinking a 99$ Shane but good call

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Shh don’t give them ideas :shushing_face:
Theyll make a build a toon with rmg in it
Yourll make your toon which will have a initial cost
Then star rating
Lead skill
Spec skill
Ar skill
Active skill
Get auto generated at and odds

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