Halloween collection


Did anyone do the Halloween crate pull?

Mind you need to buy at least two and win the favor of RNGesus to even collect it.


Ripoff! Do not buy unless you want the lowest amount each time…


Of course this is the next step. Exclusively p2w events. Yay



Scopely should just gave out the crate to everyone as a Halloween present. Most people will probably just get a free 4* weapon at last but still the greater population would be happier. Really doubt how many will go for a obvious scam like this. Scopely again you are not making money and driving your players away.


Wow, lol. :joy:


Lmfaooo they can buy more than 2 all the money they steal on the daily


Pretty terrible event.


Still makes no sense even if you’re big into doing pulls or things in the past that were similar to this. This said bag/ event if you will is Pure gambling and bad gambling!! no return investment unless hackers are using coins they’ve gathered for these bags flowing actual currency into something this moronic is like yo gonna take my bank account out in full and open my car windows for the world :joy:.


Don’t buy it. Anyone.


Assuming you do buy and hit the supreme Lucky Streak…

Its a bare minimum 7 bags ( 4 silver coke rocks max per bag) which would cost 21k coibs (3k per bag x 7 bags)…

So all in all this offer to get the most out of requires about $230 USD to do.

And thats not including the likelyhood of just breaking even (Requires 40% to be top coin and then another one to be a coin of either denomination.)

Whats worse is that Scopely probably could have gotten a few people to spend if ANY of this gear was post t1 to t2 upgrade gear, but it isnt. Add in the fact that we have more likelyhood to draw at a loss as is.

This damn promo is like Knox without the long term regret plastered in the roster as a reminder. …


They got one thing right…that price is scary…


complete nonsense, this is a complete joke. insult to everyone who plays daily.


This is the trick to the players for scopelys treat. Total joke of a “deal”


Time to ask for an increase in my credit




Like this?


Somewhere in the commercialised world, businesses like Scopely forgot that on Halloween…

It’s about giving candy and treats out.

Not scoring a payday.


This isn’t the first time this has happened, terror tokens and Fort Knox