Halloween Coin Offer


Seriously, stop that offer popping everytime i login to the game and do your math properly what kind of an offer is that?

2550 Coins + 1500 Prestige Points for 109,99TRY which makes i buy 23,18 coins + 13,63 prestige points per 1TRY spent.

but i can always buy 2300 Coins + 1750 Prestige Points for 90,30TRY from standart shop which makes 25,47 coins + 19,37 Prestige Points per 1TRY spent.


Hhhmmm im not sure why yours seems to be more expensive.

But my offer is cheaper than the 2300coin normal price and gives 2550 coins.


guess it is usual scopely tricks if people fall for it :slight_smile:


I think for those people who still buy coins ( I don’t) , it’s not a bad offer. It’s about a third of the price less for more coins.


it was offering me 770 coins. in the store there is an offer for 700 coins, so +10% more is 70 coins. you got a better offer than me. same price too.


It is cheaper than the equivalent offer of 700 coins, but is only legit if you buy 700 coins offer from the shop. I don’t know anyone doing that. I mean either - like me and many “almost” F2P players people buy 30day pass or the buy the top ones. So I don’t know who is a target for this offer, probably no one. Plus it seems sells are dropping and they start some kind of “harrasment” strategy, which - in my opinion - not only doesn’t work, but also can make people spend even less.


Here was a different offer. 9100 coins for 3/4 of the price of the 8250 pack


Lower the prize of everything, you will get more buyers…


10% more coins is not the coin sale we asked for

10% is hardly a deal at all considering how the wheel works


How many times has this offer refreshed? It’s set for 2 hours, ok fine, it goes away in 2 hours? Nope it goes away and its evil twin brother popped up right afterwards…


Did someone say Halloween? Spooky that I’d show up.


Well scopely hates canada… lol… my 2300 coin pack is 44$ usually so the halloween offer was 39.99 for 2550 coins…

Scopley should consider… its easier to get a dolllar out of a million people than a million dollars from one… if ya know what i mean.

Scopely… plz . lower ur coin prices… id buy more if u did.