Halloween candy corn question

Question… so if I claimed 2 of the 3 items. Do I have to choose which one to do or can I do both? Will it consume the required cany corn to do the actual stages?

If it consumes will be possible to collect fangs, that requires more candy to open for 3 pulls.

Missions dont consume candy corn to get the ‘keys’ for the roadmaps, only the stages themselves do and you can gain more candy corn from the missions than you need for the stages.

you would only need more candy corn if you were to fail a stage.

Ready to pulls a few Burts aren’t ya?

Thank you Lockdown, I appreciate the clarity!

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I rebuke your bad wishes.

I got a whole 40 or so cakes with one pull so far… Sooooo useful when I have over 1000 already and no toons to use them on.

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Halloween: How many candy corn you want?

Scopely: yES

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