Halflife...... 3 kinda but its real

Well technically its em halflife 2.5 but still
… Let’s just scream this is real no joke

i honestly dont care about half-life anymore. it’s been what? 15 years since half life 2?


Yeah it’s been way too long nobody cares anymore… And I’m still waiting for delta force angel falls

I care lol but Valve really has an issue with 3. Left for dead 2, half life 2, etc. They could do a remaster on the new engine of half life 1 and 2 and add those to 3 and make a trilogy collector’s edition.

Damn that looks amazing tho! Cant wait, i do need a VR set tho. I have an Nvidia 3D monitor and wonder if it will work on that.

I’d much prefer a l4d3 over half life 3

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Well of course lol i have this name for a reason, world war z is amazing tho

The movie was so shitty IDK if I want to buy the game lol

I thought the movie was ok but the game is honestly l4d3. Mainly waiting for dying light 2 and zombies mode comes out for COD mobile tomarrow

Dude, the first night mission in dying light made me nearly shit my pants.

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If youre on PC, Steam will let you play the game for like 2 hours and if you dont like it can get a full refund but honestly as a zombie fanatic, it’s a must have and i highly recommend it

Ahahahaha yes i remember the first play through, i was like oh shit its night, zombies will be crazy and then jump scare and i had to run to the tower the whole time screaming oh shit oh shit oh shit

Yeah. It’s the only zombie game to ever do that to me.

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Well halflife zombies are worse technically there still comatosed humans but they have been hijacked by a mutated turkey

Chronologically, it’s Half Life 1.5, took place between Half Life 1 and HL2 E1