Half rotting heads

Where are the rest?

War rewards

If you are in a faction that doesn’t war it will take you a long time to get.

Why does it take 40 half rotting heads to make a whole 1?? Wtf. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Because Scopely loves math! Can’t you tell? :joy:

Makes me wonder how they measure the ingredients for those pancakes lol

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Well you presumably need the front of a rotting head to match against the back half, or top v bottom. I imagine some weird 3D mosaic technique. Not at all sure what you do once you’ve seen these two rotten bits back together. Don’t think they come back to life. Never seen that in charmed or buffy.

I guess 1/40th rotting heads doesn’t quite sound right.

The 39 rotting heads and the fact we need 40 is driving my ocd up the walls lol

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