Half of my region received raid's reward, the other half didn't


Rewards were distributed 30 minutes after the event ended but only half of the region received the raids reward and leaderboard banner and the other half didn’t receive it. When checking the leaderboards, it doesn’t even show a history of last raid event for people who didn’t receive the reward. Is this happening to any other region?


Yeah happened on mine, haven’t seen banner yet. Irwin region.


Same in Harris; most still haven’t but at least one in my faction has


Como ganhar prêmios aqui


Same here only got 1 set of rewards


Haven’t seen rewards in Jenkins or Dade


Marion and Newberry nothing


White hasn’t received raid rewards yet either says could take up to 24 hours though so not gonna question it or panic til tomorrow lol


I understand if the whole region didn’t get it but it’s strange that some people in the region did and some didn’t



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