Had to reset my phone, lost account. Help



So i had to factory reset my phone (not by choice) and whenver i try to link my account to facebook my orginial levelled account doesnt show up and im stuck on a level 1 prestige 1 account. I dont know my accpunt code, but I have everything else Scopley needs to get me back into my account. Please help @JB.Scopely @GR.Scopely


If you have a recipet they should be able to help you. Even if its from the free trial SC. You have to message support and they tell you what they need.


I went through this a few months ago. Contact support. Wait for response. Mine took 3 days :frowning: Have any purchase history screen shots, if you use line have a faction mate screen shot your profile. Name with rank, faction and rank in faction, prestige all the tabs on your game profile. They will ask you for account code I just told em I couldnt get in game to see it. Purchase history be it google apple whatever is gold. Took almost 2 weeks to get my account back though.


Reach out to them with this email
Tell them your issue, attach account details along with receipt of previous purchases. They will hook you up with the account in few days.
Hope this helps


Seems like you accidently unlinked your a count then linked it back to the level one account. Only thing you can do is to provide proof of ownership via a Google or Apple receipt. You’ll have to do this via in game support ticket


Reach to them and give them all the info of the account


You first said it took 3 days to get ur account back then again u said 2 weeks


3 days for a response from when I first contacted support. 2 weeks total with communicating my info chats with support before I got my account back. If you read it says wait for response “Mine took 3 days”


Thanks everyone. I was able to get my account back :slight_smile:


7 char kiss my ass


Yay! They were quick! You got lucky lol

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