Hacking in Darlington

this is totally not cool scopley. Our faction has been busting our asses and these clowns have pulled this. @JB.Scopely


“Keep surviving”…




Its not funny, no one can war anymore here

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Good thing THAT’S NOT obvious :laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing:


Ok its funny but i wanna war damnit


Wow, that truly does suck

Can you please also report this by following the instructions here:

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It is completely gutting after putting so much effort into war. If our faction gets screwed out of 2nd place prizes and don’t get our pull I’m not going to be a happy camper.

I love stone throwers. The player whose score is modified is a stand up guy who was acting as just a body during that war. He wouldnt be so stupid as to super modify his score. He would know that we would boot him for it. And yes, there is a chance I am wrong, but my faith is that it wasnt caused by him or anyone else on my team.

Looks totally legit.

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These guys could totally beat notorious and AP ladies and gentlemen the new camps lol


Let me guess @JB.Scopely can’t do anything about this

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Come on… this needs to be reported? Give me a break. They went in and changed everyone’s Andrea. This is Bs. I would rage quit if it’s not fixed. Disgrace.

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Daaang I feel bad for the bootays, it’s like a taxi cab overcharging his passengers & the meter is still runnin’ smh lol…

Nothing new… More of the usual? :rofl::rofl::rofl: Dang hackers… This is on my region Hiper high lvl prestige cheater… Screenshot_20181216-121744

peg) still I can kill him in under 20 secs :joy:


All we’ll get from Scopely :joy:


Bet nothing happens as sad as that is

This is on augusta (es) region… Hacking is out of control 48395648_1997802266978123_1916206831705784320_o 48380523_1997802770311406_6076348116372553728_o

That really is insane, how did they get That many points and you know they wont do anything about it