Hackers on Thomas region


@kalishane @Dash @CombatMan @CombatDevIl

Stupid cheaters still on --> Thomas region (es)

Scopely is going to just look at it and ignore it.


seems legit :joy:


Probably lol


Could be beginners luck🤔


Nothing suspicious actually, he just has what it takes - A bit of luck and absolute dedication


Ban the whole faction as the warning to the others


@kalishane any thoughts? Worst of all is that a legit faction is overrun by a single user and this is a well known situation happened on many regions over and over, yes hacker may be banned eventually but cheater faction keep the goodies


Naw he didn’t Cheat .seems legit to me :wink:


For once this have a happy ending and I have to congratulate scopely @kalishane if you have anything to do thank you as well

the hacker was banned again during the actual event the points where deleted and the cheating faction went from. 1st to 10th position good job Scopely


Whoa. Shocked.

The problem is they keep plugging the leak instead of fixing it


Glad for y’all! Great job scopely!


I always wondered… Why not ban the guy and invalidate the Faction for the event? I mean, If you recruit use hack, the whole Faction should Get the downfall. They don’t have to be banned, but If they Get 0 points and rewards because of the hacker, they will think again before putting another one in the Faction.