Hackers on Shelby (RU) region


Hi everyone.

Another suspicious activity in Shelby (RU) region:

The guy with prestige 6 has just finished the survival road.
How is that possible?
Where did he get toons to finish the road with only prestige 6?
His faction is now competing for the 2nd place in the faction SR tournament. That would not be possible without that strange account.

Here is the score of this player from the past CRW:

Come on, 700k from recently created account? Against pretty mature regions like Montgomery? Seriously?

Please stop them from ruining the tournaments for many, many players.


Whats the point in deleting these accounts. The second that happens they will be right back at it.

They need to close the loopholes and stop them from happening in the 1st place. Until they can secure the game there is no point in it. It’s obvious they do not care so why should we. Stop spending if you want them to take notice.


preach it reverend ironandwine


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