Hackers let's get them

Let’s get those hackers

Not only is he hacking but he’s openly telling other people how to

Jeff Davis region

That is why players need actual Scopley Mods in the chatrooms. This will prevent harassment and cheaters.


He is not a good hacker, I mean only t2, it needs more effort.

Good luck! Two weeks we been on scopely case for ours!

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Same guy or a different one

T2 he’s s5 though

He went from s1 to s5 overnight

He is dedicated to overnight advancing. Joking - he could be whale tho. I saw few push heavy cash infusion after p13 (aldo it is possible that is “community” whale) and at level 40 with 3x better team then I had with 2 year grinding.

Hard to tell with some since Scopely sells 6 stars now

They got him thanks for the support