Hackers in shelby region

Sort this out scopely. How can someone with prestige 3000 and only 3 toons score this high?



Are those six star toons tier 4?

that wouldn’t matter much…also heard from the horses mouth they have over 130,000 points already in just 3 hours. Thy had 27 wars so far and 1.17M points. They also admitted they use VK. We have had 7 wars and I only have 54k and maybe use 2-3 cans per war sometimes 4…something seems odd about it. You can see the Barker is tier 1 level 50, I would imagine the other toons are tier 1 too. Maybe someone can talk to that person and see if they will be honest or if they act hostile, just think about your approach if you do talk to them. I am just trying to add a little info myself and saying it isn’t at all impossible but they only have 3 toons!? Maybe that is just to trick people into thinking that is his team then when war starts they swap it out for a full team? Have you fought them in war @Alex_O?

Meh, it always was this way, nothing new

Ban one, they’ll create another account

Blocked ip address and ip mac.

You’re missing the point. 3000 prestige. You get more than that for logging in for 2 weeks straight, you get more than that for buying 4,000 coins.

I didn’t do a lot of deep digging. I am just now seeing that prestige rank 5 is 2,500 points to unlock. If you log in 2 weeks straight that will give you 2,800 prestige points, so he should be P6 instead of P5, but maybe he didn’t log in for 2 weeks straight. Maybe he missed a few days here and there and hasn’t been logging in daily.

I am just trying to add info to this myself and I am not on the side of accusing, I am just trying to add more thought to this and I am not missing the point, I am just not looking into this as much as others are, but I can agree you are right and things do look odd and don’t match up and it should be dealt with swiftly.

That’t what happens when cheaters brag, they get caught, I guess they don’t learn not to brag and not draw attention to themselves too much. Why did you mention 4,000 coins though? Did that person say they bought 4,000 coins?

No, because a 4,000 coin pack gives more than 3,000 prestige.

How new is Shelby? Those toons are in that wheel that is in promo for new regions and are also on the regular premier wheel. I pulled a six star Shane and Sandy and 5* barker in a 10 pull so luck happens.

You are still not telling me the relevance of why you keep mentioning 4,000 coin pack. Did the person that people are claiming is a cheater/hacker say they bought a 4,000 coin pack? If not then mentioning it is irrelevant. I am not trying to defend a cheater/hacker and at the same time I am not accusing him of cheating either. I am just saying that something does seem odd.

It was opened in February 2017 if I’m not mistaken

My point is the person doesn’t have a high enough prestige to have farmed up barker and ascended him, same for negan and Jesse, so he had to have pulled all three. But he couldn’t have done that many pulls because his prestige shows he didn’t buy meaningful coins.

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Oh men, just relax. This situation is casual for Shelby. This is a Лютый fraction. And they are cheaters, every War. They created new accounts, such on the screenshots, then this new account uses Cheat Engine for resources and such, and GG for speedy battles.
Then, after Scopely will wake up, this accounts will banned permanently. But. But. But. You know it, when the war is coming, this fraction creates new accounts.
If Scopely don’t fix cheating logic, this will happen over and over again.
We wrote emails after each war about this.


they buy coins from vk, i dont know if that will change your prestige if you buy coins from them!? I would think not. either way buying coins from VK is considered cheating to me, and that could be it? I also seen some other prestige 5 accounts with over 400k points in war with player levels 5-20, but i dont know what their rosters look like. It is obvious what is going on but I don’t want to outright say they are cheating, I will let all of you say that and let Scopely deal with it. Edit: or like StormAccuracy said, they use GG so that won’t effect prestige either. I’m not stupid but you see how accusations get handled around here, they are taken lightly until you have some proof.

They are cheating and they didn’t buy gold from vk, they did it themselves.


The gold from vk is “legit” though, they are not banning it since they use other markets from different sides of earth. This is cheating as it is, using ce and gg

Vk gold goes with all the bonuses like prestige points and discounts, if you use cheat engine than it does not add any prestige points

Dumb MF btw, he could’ve taken 125 lvl by hacking the xp amount and gold given per level. But I guess it’s easier to hack the gold per video, dunno

Oh yeah he must’ve been using macro tapjoy videos with a gg speedhack, nice combo

I don’t know the methods, I just wish it would be dealt with and have a stop put to it once and for all. I wonder how many people have walked away just for the reason of not wanting to try to compete against cheaters.