Hackers in limestone


this week appeared in limestone server a player who is using hacker. with only 3 days this player went from B + to S2 ++ and scored extremely high in the lvlup tournament

! Screenshot_20171109-131218|690x388 @kalishane


are you sure they haven’t just spent a lot? are you saying they have only had the account 3 days? if so they appear to already be prestige level 10 which is pretty high for a 3 day old account. Just playing devils advocate, but without a lot more info it is pretty hard to tell if they are cheating from that one screenshot.


yes but cant buy all needed gear anyhow. and he aint even huge spender its not hard to bye from vk…


Cyka blyad how I’m tired of that shiet


The level is what would say something to me. Hard to get all that gear and fodder to level, without doing world stages


Please send all the info you can here >> twdcheatreport@scopely.io the more details you can send us – the more useful it is, i.g. Account IDs, video, etc.

More info here: Cheating & Exploiting // How to Report! Thanks!


If the home mark stash is up, this person would be able to get the gear. It’s still stretch though


I mean to get flaks, beanies, etc, without running the gear map, which would cause the player to level. Hell, at 21, I’m not sure if you have the world energy capacity to do 5* gear


ouh nice i got flaged when asked how we could manage to get cheaters id… and asked does $copely log at all game…


I understand this but I’m talking about this

If the person bought this, they would have some gear but not all of it. That’s why I said it’s a bit of a stretch, meaning I doubt he did it legitimately.