Hackers how do I report them

This is what I’ve seen in war

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Not very good hackers if they are 114-453 as a region. Lol

Aiken is a new Russian region. There’s many players their with full or multiple s class, high lv. But the players are very low lv and prestige. Very suspect.

There’s full factions with players like that. Unless scopley made it easy for new regions to get s class something is very wrong.

It’s called spending $$$

Spending on vk… Like every other rus team copy and pasted…

Lots of good information in that post. Please review it and submit your evidence.

Yes but if they spent that much their prestige would be higher.

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Faction name1, faction name2 and faction name3 are renown hackers or exploiters. I believe faction name 2 was taking part in WOC when the huge ban wave happened. They were down to 18 members, but I’ve seen all the banned players are reunited again with new accounts. Only thing you can do is to report them via link ladygeek provided you with. And to question your further spending.

Afaik, the-group-which-cannot-be-named is mostly using the Egyptian playmarket to take advantage of currency rates. Thus it might still be considered as donations, thus devs don’t want them to stop.

P.S. I highly reccomend you to stay away from such groups and do not share your account data.

Strange, I was reading your post and it changed without being refreshed. So hard elite and avengers are hackers. I forgot thd 3rd faction.

I changed it in order to follow the forum guidelines, which restricts us from calling out names.

BR, friend

Ah ok. Didn’t realise we weren’t allowed to do that. Was odd it changing in real time.

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