Hacker or VK buyer in new Region Berkeley

Contacted and reported, and I know someone else posted about them here, nothing has happened yet. So just in case the other post was drowned out going to post updated photos of the hacker/vk buyer in new region.Hopefully scopes takes care of the issues.

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Wouldn’t he buy better toons instead of just weapons?

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they have better toons just not in raid. Asides the weapons are a dead giveawy in a 2 week old region. Their prestige is 5 and there has been no weapon sales in game, so they Abra Kadabra these.

You can’t even spell BERKELEY right smh

Fixed. And thankyou for the correction

I’m confused what did he hack

Those weapons.

What makes you think that ?

2 week old region, prestige 5, with 100% maxed weapons

Hmm ok yeah that suspect

Yeah no one is that lucky that fast, and you have to have a TH lvl 18 and armory and everything else to build and research, if there prestige is only 5. They didnt buy in game to speedup, so those weapons are bought through VK or hacked no other way.

I realize automated responses are not satisfactory, but the best thing to do is to report directly to the team that is dedicated at investigating cheating reports. They don’t read the forums, so posting multiple times on the forums accomplishes nothing.

Honestly reporting it probably won’t get nowhere either


Did that for over a week now, along with alot of other people, reported in game and contacted customer support. Forum Is really the only other place. They are taking rewards away from legit players, and alot of those people pay money and support the game, unlike the hacker above. Thanks

You can post it on your Facebook and put it on Reddit as well, the people who read it there are just as likely to be able to help.

Did you report it via email directly to the team that investigates cheating?

Emailing them is supposed to help more than to report them under the new “cheating” response? They should be following up on all sides. Scopely never cares.

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There was a guy who posted a thread about another case & he updated & stated the player was removed from leaderboards. So you have to realize somethings take time, they can’t just ban without justification/proof. I imagine they are flooded with other cases and some reports take longer to dive into when looking at accounts.

This was today that he posted that.

If your calling them a hacker what about your own account in 2 weeks how did you get your team


Lol been reporting for weeks yet I got a suspension for “mean words”. Once they actually care about their players is when I will begin supporting them again. This game has become a joke. No action has been taken against any of our cheaters. Real nice priorities.