Hacker or money splasher?


This dude had 5* Dante earlier. Now he popped up in global with the 6* version. The guy is clearly low level with an S4 team, so does this look legit or what?


A little more detail would be nice…


Are you happy?


Never mind. The dude apparently spent more money and pulled a 6* version… how do I delete this post? Lol


Can’t just have to have a thread about how much of a douche you were.


How was i a douche for asking a question?


cant be one 6 star won’t give you s4. and 125k prestige is fuck all spending.


There is a post with a picture of someone who pulled two legendaries in a single pull. How much money is 125k points anyway?


depends on currency how many of them pts are log in days


Lol, 6s completely killed the early game of new regions. Sure you could pull 5s before, but were gear locked for some amount of time.

Now you can pull a fully functional 6*. Killed all early game