Hacker or grind?

In Dekabl region, level 22 with S4 team, 4600k rep and rank 1, 318 / WL

That’s me you are talking about lol. I’ve spent to pull whay I’ve pulled there.

Thanks for trying to report me though :grin:

Prestige 12.

I’d totally understand the concern if my prestige were lower.

Always check prestige before calling Hacker. :wink:

Level doesn’t mean anything at all.

Thanks Scopes vk gold include all the prestige a cheater need :pray:t2::shushing_face:
You never know who’s legit and who’s not in this game


Lol, I have no reason to hack. Check my google play receipts lmao.

Wow. Just wow.

With 6*s being pullable you can’t tell who’s a hack in new regions

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90k prestige and this roster. Seems legit :rofl:

Stop hackusations, this guy has surely grind Tapjoy videos a lot lmao


She’s not a hacker, just a big region hopper and spender ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Exactly lmao ^^^

This will be my last region lol once I’m done here im finally quitting

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Yeah sure :joy_cat:


I’ve said that so many times :joy::joy::joy:

I didn‘t know they give the prestige too. Maybe it‘s time for me to learn Russian. :smiley: